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Size: 5" x 3"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.


Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


PIGEONS may be prepared and roasted the same as quails, only served with currant jelly.
     To stew pigeons, prepare them as for roasting; cut strips of salt pork an inch long and half an inch wide, roll the strips in pepper, put one strip into the body of each, also a piece of bread of the same size; then fill the bodies with bits of sour apples; lay the pigeons in a stew-pan, the breast down, dredge them with flour, and pour in just water enough to cover them; season with salt and pepper, and let them stew over a moderate fire one hour. Serve with the gravy around them in the dish.

PIGEON PIE.--Cover your dish with puff paste crust. Let your pigeons be tender and nicely picked; season with brown pepper and salt and a little chopped onion, and put a good piece of butter, with a little more pepper and salt, under the pigeon; lay them in your pan, with necks, gizzards, livers and pinions between; put a very tender beefsteak in the middle, and add the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs. Half fill the dish with water, lay on top crust, and bake well, taking great care not to burn the paste.

WILD PIGEONS (Stewed).--Clean and wash very carefully, then lay in salt and water for an hour. Rinse the inside with soda and water, shaking it well about in the cavity; wash out with fair water, and stuff with a force-meat made of breadcrumbs and chopped salt pork, seasoned with pepper. Sew up the birds, and put on to stew in enough cold water to cover them, and allow to each a fair slice of fat bacon cut into narrow strips. Season with pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Boil slowly in a covered saucepan until tender; take from the gravy and lay in a covered dish to keep warm. Strain the gravy, add the juice of a lemon and a tablespoonful of currant jelly, thickening with browned flour. Boil up and pour over the pigeons.