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#5 - WALES

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Wales - shopping, carolling, fishing

Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE Welsh people, though inhabiting part of Great Britain live a peculiarly distinctive life. One might almost suppose they are not of the same general race with any other inhabitants of the British Isles. This is partly due to the conformation of Wales. It is a land of mountains with the most delightful of uplands and most lovely of valleys. Sheltered from great foreign encroachment by their mountain fastnesses, the Welshman has been able to preserve through centuries a singular simplicity of character. This character is a pious one, and all even to the peasantry are intelligent and bright. In their sports, however, they are sometimes exceedingly crude.
Christmas is profoundly observed throughout Wales. Universal charity towards the poor is exercised, and they are amply provided for during the holidays. One of the great features of Christmastide, is the Carol Singers. These consist mainly of children, and largess is liberally bestowed upon them. The air of Wales is always musical at these times.
Going to market is in Wales an occasion for jollification, for in the market-towns are celebrated at frequent intervals the Pleasure-fairs which form so large a part of the social life of this people. Phyllis mounts on a pillion behind her swain and away they go.
Fishing is another general sport of this people. The more accomplished fishermen, carry their own light little boats and lines to the streams in which they whip or troll for their game.
The Eistedfodd has been called the Welsh Olympian game of intellect and indeed it is a noble institution. All the bright youth of the neighborhood where one of these is held, are fired by an ambition to participate. They contest in writing essays, in recitations, in music and even in writing original verse. The occasion is made glorious and the victors are the happiest of mortals.

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