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#20 - GYPSY

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Gypsy - courtship, dancing, fortune telling

"COPYRIGHT" Text Variations
There are two varieties (that I know of) in the "COPYRIGHT" text which appears on this card, as shown below. In both cases, the text appears in the lower right corner of the card.

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 27mm long. (This is the variety shown on the full-size card, above).

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 30mm long.
(For an overview of the copyright variations in Sports & Pastimes, click here.)

Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE Gypsies have from time immemorial been a people without a country. For them there have never been rooftrees and homes. They wander from place to place, and pitch their tents, and lo, when one is beginning to be accustomed to their presence, they are gone again. By what means they live is a mystery, but it is shrewdly suspected that petty thievery is their main support. They are a wild, uncouth rabble, but be it said in their favor, they do not seek much intercourse with other races. Among themselves they are quite jolly.
There is not an old Gypsy woman who cannot read your future if but you cross her palm with gold. Your good fortune will invariable be in proportion to how richly you have tipped her. She divines by the aid of cards, or by palmistry and numerous other ways.
Oftentimes when the day is over, by the light of the fitful campfires, the Gypsy men and women indulge in a wild and weird dance. They are all born musicians of a crude kind, and the lute, mandolin or guitar furnish them with melody.
The courtship of the Gypsies is rude and primitive generally. Where there are rivals for the maiden's favor often a race is arranged. She flies from her suitors, they follow, and he is successful who first reaches her and wrests a kiss from her lips.
The Gypsy men are inveterate card-players and petty gamblers.

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